Forecast Types

Sales Forecast:

What Customers will Order ($) Sales forecasting is a self-assessment tool for a company. You have to keep taking the pulse of your company to know how healthy it is. Sales forecast reports & graphs enable you to analyze the state of your business. This can make the difference between just surviving and being highly successful in business. It is a vital cornerstone of a company's strategy and budgeting. The future direction of the company may rest on the accuracy of your sales forecasting.

Demand Forecast:

Demand Forecasting is the activity of estimating the quantity of products or services that consumers will purchase and thus can be based on the Sales Forecast. However the Demand Forecast should apply planner expertise in areas such as marketing, seasonality, supply chain constraints and accuracy factors to refine the Sales Forecast and create a more realistic and approved Demand Plan.

Supply Planning Forecast:

The Operational Forecast should apply constraints (Inventory, Supply & Resource) to the Approved Demand Forecast in order to identify what to Procure, Make and Deliver.

Revenue Forecast:

Revenue Forecast: What Money will be made by meeting the various Forecasts ($).  The Revenue Forecast is an assessment of the profit that a company might make (gross - cost = net) providing a financial baseline to measure achievement of business strategy.

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