Solution Design

The following factors will determine the solution design of your Demand Planning solution:

  • Company Structure
  • Planning Maturity
  • IT Architecture (Centralised / De-Centralised, ERP, Master Data, Data Warehouse, Integrations)
  • Legacy Systems and Processes
  • Dimensions (Location, Product, Time)
  • Hierarchies (logical, reporting, review, approval, distribution, statistical generation)
  • Data Streams (Inputs, Adjustments, Analysis, Archives, Outputs)
  • Forecast Method (Statistical / Previous Forecast)
  • Forecast Type (Sales, Demand, Revenue, Budget)
  • Approvals
  • Horizons
  • Data (Amount of history, cleanliness, product life-cycle

Demand Planning solutions will rarely lead an implementation but will typically have to react to an already defined or pre-existing solution.  This can create conundrums and design impasses.  Solutions should be focussed on cost or quality and we can help determine the benefits, costs and timelines associated with your Demand Planning goals.