Project Management

Project Planning and Management are significant tasks that determine the success or failure of any IT System implementation and Demand Planning projects carry their own special challenges.  Whether you are an early adopter, or late developer, greenfield or enhancement, big bang or phased approach there are key factors that should be assessed and monitored to achieve project delivery goals.

Project elements that will need scoping and managing can include:

  • Goals (Supply Chain Maturity) 
  • Strategy (Cost or Quality)
  • High Level Design
  • Data Readiness
  • Detailed Design
  • Environment Strategy
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Support

With over 15 years of Demand Planning implementation experience across a wide range of manufacturing industries (Electronics, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Agriculture, Telecoms, Food & Drink, Clothing, Building Materials..) we can help define and run Demand Planning project plans.