Best Practice

Best Practice is a method of determining if a solution is fit for purpose.  Legacy systems, data restrictions, mergers and acquisitions, company culture, personalities... there are myriads of reasons why particular solutions, processes and outputs are maintained yet might be better being changed.

An assessment of your practice compared to peers is a useful way to identify where efficiencies can be made.   

Some key elements that can be measured are:

  • Understand your Supply Chain Maturity & create a strategy to improve it.
  • Forecast Ownership Type: Independent, Concentrated, Negotiated, Consensus, Outsourced...
  • Planning Community & Goals: What are you trying to improve? customer service? optimising? reduce inventory? forecast realism?
  • Allocation or Replenishment
  • Modeling, Causals, Promotions & Events
  • Measurements & KPI's
  • Horizons & Frozen Periods
  • Ability to adapt

With over 15 years of Demand Planning implementation experience across a wide range of manufacturing industries (Electronics, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Agriculture, Telecoms, Food & Drink, Clothing, Building Materials..) we can help you understand how your Demand Planning processes compare and what the benefits of change would bring.