Welcome to SHJ Consulting

SHJ Consulting Ltd was founded in 2003 and specialises in providing Demand Planning consulting services for Oracle system solutions such as ODP, Oracle Demantra and Oracle Cloud Planning.  We can undertake strategy and best practice assessments, project management, business process re-engineering, requirement gathering and analysis, solution design, conference room pilots, training, testing, system setup, documentation, support, engine tuning and solution optimisation.

Demantra ("Demand is our Mantra") is part of Oracle´s Value Chain Planning suite of applications and is used by diverse and complex companies to manage Sales Forecasting, Demand Management, Promotions, Events, Deductions & Settlements and Integrated Business Planning.  Demantra can generate and improve forecasts that focus on manufacturing, distribution, safety stock, maintenance, personel, finance, spare parts, services etc.

Demantra is a highly scalable and sophisticated application that can be run standalone or integrated with any ERP System.  Demantra is comprised of a set of web-enabled applications that support a broad range of planning processes from Sales Forecasting and Sales & Operations Planning to Promotion Planning & Optimisation and Trade Deduction Management.  Demantra comes with a pre-configured ("out-of-the-box") setup though it can easily be customised to suit individual business needs.

Demantra is a Forecasting tool that provides end-user interfaces that are intuitive and fully configurable and can provide your planners with an application that actually delivers value: enabling prioritisation, reducing manual forecasting effort, improving accuracy, increasing supply chain efficiency and creating happier planners and that means better buying power, lower safety stock, reduced leadtimes and increased margin!

Forecasting: it's not just about the number - it's about everything that goes on around the number.

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